Badger Beer

It was deep in Dorset’s rolling hills and patchwork fields, in 1777, that local farmer Charles Hall brewed our first beer. A union of the Hall & Woodhouse families soon followed and the story of Badger beer had begun.

To create the distinctive character of our delicious Badger beers, Hall & Woodhouse combine hops and malted barley with pure spring water which has been filtered naturally through the Cretaceous chalk downs of Dorset. Our comprehensive range of cask beers, all with distinctive characters, is available throughout the year, although our offering does vary seasonally.


The word Lager comes from the German word lagern which means, "To store".  A perfect description as lagers are brewed with bottom fermenting yeast that works slowly at around 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Indeed some lagers are often further stored at a cool temperature to mature. 

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Our range of delicious ciders are best enjoyed by the feature fireplace in winter, and also prove particularly popular during the spring and summer months in our fabulous garden.


Quintessentially English and brimming with style, we love gin for its complex yet delicate labyrinth of flavours. It gets its aromatic notes from the juniper berries, as well as the additional botanicals selected by the distiller, with each distiller creating their own unique concoction. Below is a selection of our favourite gins, handpicked for you to enjoy!

Soft Drinks

Our extensive range of soft drinks means that we always have something different for those looking for a non-alcoholic alternative, or indeed for our designated drivers.


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